Images of the Symposium Symposium 2009

7. September

The Sculptors and their Works

... ... in a new selection of photos .

7. September

Friday's Photos

Five in number.

6. September

Pictures from Thursday

... are to be found here.

6. September

Wednesday pictures

Pictures from Wednesday are here.

1. September

Bilder vom Dienstag

Five new images.

31. August

Monday pictures

Pictures from the first day of the last week.

30. August


Here. Photos are mainly by Gaits Burvis.

31. August

A short clip

The second week of the symposium has started. Some may think melancholically of the time after this symposium. Possibly an interesting moment to look back to the days before the beginning of the symposium. ... Sometimes the clip takes quite a while to load. Film ab!

30. August

Photos from Saturday

Six Saturday pix.

29. August

Friday Photos

Six new pictures of the symposium.

28. August

Photos from Thursday, Day 4 ...

... are right here.

27. August

Photos from Wednesday; day three

Here's to some images from Wednesday. ...


Fotos von Gestern, dem zweiten Tag des Symposiums

Another series of pictures from the happening at the church square: here. The comments are still in German. Still sorry.

25. August

Photos from day one

Follow this link to watch images taken on the first day of the symposium. To navigate, use the arrow keys "left" and "right", or click on the arrow icons appearing in the text. To leave the tiny slide show just click anywhere else on the page. Comments are in German so far. Sorry.

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