Neues zum Symposium Symposium 2009

6. September 2009

The Sculptures of the 8. International Obernkirchen Sculptor Symposium

... are for sale now. Here's to a price list.

24.March 2009

Invited Sculptors

By now ten sculptors have been invited to the 8th International Sculptor Symposium of Obernkirchen. There will be reunion with returning creative guests but also meeting artists coming to Obernkirchen for the first time. See here for a list of all their names with eventual links out into the World Wide Web again:

15.April 2008

Hello in 2008 !

As the next symposium in 2009 is approaching, this website is getting brushed up a little. At this location - like in 2006 - news all about the symposium will be published.

Come again!

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